This piano duo was born with a clear but not so easy idea: to recreate the sound of a typical tango orquest with only the piano, to translate the traditional sound of the tango quintet an even the unique sound of the bandoneon solo into the keyboard.
The tango has uncountable sources, different styles of interpretation and not so many ways to feel it. Leda Torres and Paula Suárez are looking for their own path of their own, they are searching for the tango that represent them most and the music that expresses the greatest emotion with only one instrument.

Both artists have an academic background as well as experience with popular music. Besides their studies in recognized music schools in Argentina such as Moron Conservatory, Popular Music School of Avellaneda, and San Martin University… they have dedicated most of their time to understand the music from a more empirical and playfulness place (that popular traditions use to demand).

When going that path, they have been piano players, arrangers, composers, and entrepreneurs of diverse musical projects, always guided by the enthusiasm of knowing and renewing the Argentine music.

The current duo project is based on three main ideas: to adapt arrangements of original musical pieces; to include new arrangements on traditional music pieces and to add new compositions to the popular music repertoire.

Many times, gathering popular music pieces is a real challenge because the only available material are old recordings with no scores. Due to that reason, sharpening the ear and transcribing the original music became a pre-requisite for starting this project. This fact is something Paula and Leda understand as part of their job: they are also teachers, and sharing all these transcriptions is something they enjoy doing with anyone interested in learning music.